ASX Stock Screener

ASX Stock Screener

*** Yahoo Finance discontinued their API featuring meaning this spreadsheet can no longer download stock data. Sorry guys ***

Hey guys,

Below is the link to download my ASX Stock Screener spreadsheet.

Download Spreadsheet here!

The spreadsheet allows the user to screen for ASX listed stocks based on company data obtained from Yahoo Finance using the websites API. The “tags” I used in my spreadsheet were gathered from a blog by a lad named Ido Green at the following website:

Yahoo Finance (hidden) API

More information can be found here if the user desires.

The following instructional video briefly explains how to use the Screener.

After downloading and opening the spreadsheet the user first updates the list of ASX companies using button 1 on the “Screener” sheet. This extracts a .csv file from [full link here] and populates the “Screener” sheet with a complete and current list of ASX listed companies along with their ticker symbols and GICS Industry Group.

Next the user has the option of downloading the pre-set array of information for each company or customising the information that will be downloaded from Yahoo Finance via the websites API. To download the pre-set information, the user simply clicks button 2 on the “Screener” sheet. Alternatively, the user can add to or delete items shown in the list on the “Tags” sheet. The full list of headings available for download via Yahoo Finance API is shown on the “Yahoo API” page. The user can simply copy the desire headings along with their tags and paste them at the bottom of the list on the “Tags” sheet. Clicking button 2 now will download the user defined headings.

The user may need to apply a filter to the top row once all downloads have completed otherwise the screener is good to go. The user is free to use all the convenient features of Excel as they wish. I have already applied some conditional formatting to the first two columns, Price-EPS ratio and Price-Book Value ratio, which help to filter out possibly overpriced stocks. The user should keep in mind that a number of columns have already been formatted based on the pre-set headings which means the user may need to re-format some columns if the list of tags is changed substantially.

I hope you find this spreadsheet useful. Let me know if you have any trouble or if you come up with any improvements I might be able to incorporate.

Happy screening!



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