Up and running again!

Alrighty, so I fixed a two out of three of my spreadsheets. These include:

I had to remove the “Previous Close” download feature which Yahoo! Finance used to facilitate. Unfortunately, this means users now need to enter this information in manually. I don’t believe this is a big issue though since this information is not crucial to the calculations carried out in the spreadsheets. Hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience to anyone.

I’ve yet to find a fix for my Stock Screener spreadsheet unfortunately. It appears Yahoo! Finance was the only company who made such a good range of stock metrics available for download via API. Such a shame they no longer facilitate this feature.

2 thoughts on “Up and running again!”

  1. Hi Nick,
    just looking at the portfolio valuation spreadsheet, It looks as though it could be quite useful, however after I have inputted the details and press the update button it switches to a debug screen and does not update. Any suggestions?


    • Hi Brian,
      Sorry to hear that. Is it the Stock Valuation spreadsheet or the Portfolio Risk spreadsheet that isn’t updating for you? Could you please advise which stocks you tried to download data for? I’ve only tested the spreadsheets on few stocks.
      Since this post i’ve also heard reports that historical pricing data for some stocks can no longer be found on Yahoo Finance. Bit of a pain! Sadly, I think it’s time to boycott Yahoo Finance altogether. Alpha Vantage offer free historical pricing data via similar API function but users have to sign up for a free API Key (super easy to do though). It also seems much more reliable than Yahoo Finance is now.
      Once i get round to migrating all my spreadsheets over to Alpha Vantage, i’ll repost them here.
      Apologies for the inconvenience.

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